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We manufacture the most beautiful gold jewelry in the Middle East. Our store carries a wide range of high quality 18k and 21k in yellow and white gold jewelry Saudi Arabia jewelry, Dubai jewelry, Indian gold jewelry.


Customer Service
Toll-free: 8004916
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Damas Jewellery LLC, a U.A.E based company, has grown and expanded into an internationally based fashion jewellery network. The key to its success has been a visionary creativity, an inspirational leadership, a dedicated workforce and a lot of sincere hard work



Gold is deep yellow in color. Its great reflectivity properties help keep its brightness and color from fading with time.


Gold will not rust, tarnish or corrode. Gold jewelry recovered from ancient Egyptian tombs is in the same state as when placed there over 4000 years ago.

Gold is softer than most other metals. Pure gold may easily be scratched. Fortunately, gold becomes harder when alloyed with other base metals.

Gold in its pure state has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit (1063 degrees Celsius). When alloyed with other base metals the melting temperature is changed.

18K yellow gold has a melting point of 1675 degrees Fahrenheit

14K yellow gold has a melting point of about 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gold has an SG of 19.33. It is relatively heavy compared to most metals, such as silver (SG 10.7) or iron (SG 7.8). A notable exception is platinum (SG 21.4).


Gold is more malleable than any other metal and can be hammered into foil so thin that it becomes almost transparent.


Gold has a unique ductility property allowing it to be drawn into wire so fine it can barely be seen.

Gold is relatively scarce and therefore expensive. It is estimated that only 125,000 tons of gold have been mined the world over since the beginning of time.

Gold is able to bond with other base metals. This property gives rise to the many different colors available in modern gold alloys.

Karat System:

A system of measurement based on 24 karats being "fine" or "pure" gold. 1 karat equals 1/24th fine gold by weight. This is the system used in the United States.

Parts Gold
% Gold

9 kt

9 in 24


10 kt

10 in 24


12 kt

12 in 24


14 kt

14 in 24


18 kt

18 in 24


22 kt

22 in 24


21 kt 21 in 24 87.5%

24 kt

24 in 24



Diamonds are weighed using the metric system. The carat is the unit of diamond weight. Do not confuse carat with karat. Carat refers to stone weight while karat refers to fineness of gold.

There are formulas for determining the weight of a stone in a mounting using size measurements.

Some of the devices used to give such accurate measurements are

  • the screw micrometer
  • the Moh gauge
  • he Leverage gauge

1 metric carat = 0.2 grams
1 metric carat = 200 milligrams 1 metric carat = 1/142 ounce

A carat is divided into 100 points :
1/4 ct. = 25 points = .25 ct. 1/3 ct. = 33 points = .33 ct. 1/2 ct. = 50 points = .50 ct. 3/4 ct. = 75 points = .75 ct.


The "Queen of Gems" - pearls - a symbol of love, elegance and refinement.

The Gulf of Arabia has always been rich in oysters and pearls have played an important part in the history of the region. Until well into the 20th century, pearls were one of the main sources of income for the people of the Arabian Gulf. Traditional dhows carried pearl divers out to sea. The divers with ropes attached around their waists would dive many meters below the surface, holding their breaths for incredible periods of time, to search for oysters. In the evenings, the dhows would return to the harbours, laden with oysters and natural pearls.


Only living oysters and mussels can create real pearls If a pearl is formed by a living oyster or mussel, it is a real pearl. All other pearls are Imitation. Real Pearls can be either Natural or Cultured


Joyalukkas Jewellery has a passion for creating dazzling jewellery designs using the finest precious metals.
At Joyalukkas, we design and manufacture our own jewellery using the highest quality materials and the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. Our reputation for integrity and service is based on our unswerving passion to create jewels for the discriminating buyer who appreciates high quality and expects outstanding value.

Whole Sale Division-Gold,
Gold Land Building,
Tel No:971 4 2264103
Main Shop,
Gold Centre Building,
Tel No:971 4 2253646,


In January 1988 Kaloti Jewellery bought the KG Bar for Jewellery production in its humble workshop in Dubai gold market. In January 2004 Kaloti Jewellery turnover exceeded four tons of Gold Jewellery, Gold Scrap, and the NEW ôKALOTI DUBAI 999.9ö in association with ALCAMBI Switzerlandö Good London Delivery.
Since, its inception in 1988 with hard work, commitment and excellence Kaloti Jewellery group had become one of the leaders in the gold industry in U.A.E mainly in the following fields and locations.

Phone : Office :
2254092 2254583

Kaloti Sales Questions:


Mohanlal Vallabhdas & Bros

Established in 1960 in Dubai (UAE), Mohanlal Vallabhdas & Bros. LLC was started as a small manufacturing unit. Gold and jewellery has been the family business since past 3 generations. We have learnt from our experiences that success, growth and profit come as a result of a satisfied customer and maintaining the quality of merchandise. The company is an active member of the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group (DGJG) which was established in 1985. The company has focused in all fields of jewellery business – manufacture, wholesale and retail. We have categorized our range of merchandise into 4 categories – Diamonds, Platinum, 24k jewellery and Gold.

Mohanlal Vallabhadas
& Bros. LLC
Tel : (+9714)225 7023


Designers & manufacturers of exclusive gold jewelry
Makers of cast and hand-made bracelets, chains, hollow-pipe jewelry and other products.
Articles can be made to order in 18ct, 21ct or 22ct in a wide variety of finishes. Wholesalers and resellers worldwide are welcome to contact us for more information.

Tel. +9716 532 1685


"A Pearl is Unique"

The "Queen of Gems" - pearls - a symbol of love, elegance and refinement.

It is the only gem created by a living creature. A perfect, graceful gift from the depths of the sea. Join Mikura Pearls on a journey through the fascinating world of pearls.

Pearl Enterprises LLC M-24
Gold Centre Building
Mezzanine Floor
Deira Gold Souk
Tel: +971-4-2266602


Zainal born in April 1972 (Diamond his Birthstone), known within the trade circles by his nickname - "diamond Zainal" - and a name he is better known as because of his deep passion for diamonds. It always feels like Zainal was destined to be a jeweler.

PO Box 72075


Oska Jewellery corporate mission is to bring our customers truly exceptional jewelry at truly extraordinary prices.

At Oska Jewellery, we do this by offering deep discounts, relative to department and specialty stores, on jewelry ranging from the very basic to the most exquisite.

We select from a vast number of manufacturers, but we only purchase from those that provide the finest quality jewelry that is also aggressively priced.

Head Office :
Tel: 971 4 2291999

New Gold Center Bldg.
4th Floor, off. 85



TV Host and Actress Daisy Fuentes wearing a Pamela Dennis gown with champagne diamonds from ROSIBLU

Rosy Blue is a dynamic family organization built on the values of expertise and integrity. For over 45 years, our skills and reputation have passed from generation to generation, each driven by a passion for the business.

For Rosy Blue, product quality, be it in rough, polished or jewelry is paramount, and the essential first step towards our ultimate goals: outstanding service and added value for all our clients. Our dedication to our clients and insight into their needs has made us one of the most respected and trusted players in the industry.

Rosy Blue FZE
Office 301
3-West Wing
Dubai Airport Free Zone

Tel : +971 (4)299 5914


Dubai Diamonds is a premier Dubai diamond jeweller with over 20 years experience of selling the finest diamond jewellery and loose diamonds to Dubai visitors.Buying diamonds from Dubai has many benefits:
* Huge range of loose diamonds and spectacular diamond jewellery,
* World-beating prices, owing to the absense of sales tax in Dubai,
* All major types of certified diamonds.At Dubai Diamonds we are committed to providing you with the most exquisite diamond jewellery at Dubai's world-beating diamond prices. s.



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